It's game time!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

An exciting new addition to our gaming venture for the new year. We will shortly be announcing a range of gaming events across the North West. Our aim is to get people together to play a selection of our best games. We will have staff available to teach between four and six games (depending on venue) for a couple of hours either in the evening in the week or during the day at weekends. People are welcome to join the event for a small fee (£2-£3 entrance fee to help with venue costs) and play for as long as they like. We will of course have the games that we are playing available for purchase (for a special price) during the event as well as a range of our other games too. If you decide to buy a game during an event payment can be made via cash, credit/debit card and Paypal.

Initial venues to be announced shortly (We will be starting in Morecambe, Lancaster and Kendal).

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