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Our first gaming event of the Year!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to our very first Pop-up Board Game Cafe event. We are teaming up with 'Brew me Sunshine' on Victoria Street in Morecambe to bring you Morecambe's very first Pop-up Board Game Cafe. On the Saturday the 23rd of February between 10am and 2pm we will be running several amazing games that you can turn up and play. Entry to the event will be free so come along and try out a new game. We have everything from Family games to Strategy, Party and Thematic. From playing with a group to gaming solo, we're sure we will have something you will love. The games we are showcasing will be on offer for a very special price during the event and we will bring a variety of our other best sellers too. If you decide to buy a game during the event, payment can be made via cash, credit/debit card and Paypal.

Please note that you cannot bring your own food or drink to this event but the cafe will be happy to serve you throughout.

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