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This card game is fun, easy to learn and develops counting, number sense and problem solving. The game can be played at different levels from simple counting and matching to problem solving and strategic play. These are mathematical skills which will support your child's learning at school. The cards use maths vocabulary which your child can practise within the context of finding Alana's Animals -- children will also love finding the 'spotty cows', the wiggly worm or the little ducklings too.

—description from the rulebook

There are three sets of rules provides:

Game 1 involves taking it in turns to turn over and collect animal cards, and then seeing who earns the rewards for various types of set.

Game 2 is similar, but players select animals from a row of face-up cards.

Game 3 uses a "pick and pass" draft for players to get their animals.

Alana's Animals

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