Send a care package with a difference, with our boredom busting Family Fun games pack £29.50.


Inside each specially curated package will be 5 games of to suit a variety of players and ensure everyone gets a chance to be the winner.


· Rhino Hero mini- featuring a heroic rhinoceros, clad in a cape and cowl, trying to scale a skyscraper that you the players have to build. A great travel sized edition of the HABA Rhino Hero Super battle that never fails to entertain. A regular at family game night!


· Toy Story 4 Uno—For the young at heart. UNO is the classic card game of matching colours and numbers that is easy to pick up…impossible to put down and now with Duke Caboom wild cards!


· Articulate Mini—for the talker. A Fast talking description game, great as an ice breaker


· Undo—An adventure card game for the detectives in the room. Age 10 +


· Tiddly Winks—For the practically minded -- a retro game to challenge dexterity.



*Hamper not included, it is for display purposes only.


Family Fun Mixed Ages Games Box