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Ocean Pods is a 2 to 5 dice drafting game for 2 to 5 players.

You are a Marine Biologist with research objectives to achieve for points. To do this players must draft dice resources from various Oceans such as Krill, Cephalopods (squid & Octopus), Crustaceans (Crabs & Lobsters), Fish and Pinnipeds (Seals).

These resources are exchanged to attract Whales and Dolphins to your pod by paying the resource cost for the animal cards in the open pod deck.

However each turn the boats move to different Oceans blocking your options and plastic pollution leaks into the sea. Too much Plastic and the game will end. Players have to work semi-cooperatively to clean the plastic or they all lose. Should you sacrifce a turn to clean the Ocean?

In this beautiful game only one player can win but all could lose!

Ocean Pods

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