In Princess Legend, take turns playing as the Prince and ask the right questions to get to the truth, from your opponent’s answers… unless they are your allies?  The Prince is looking for his Princess. But as all the Characters in the Court are hiding their identity, the Prince will have to count on a few precious allies, willing to help him, and be weary of the Black Queen’s followers. Theu will do everything to make her accession possible, while the Maid and the Spy will try to deceive both sides.

The player assuming the role of the Prince asks each of the other players one question, then guesses which player plays the role of the Princess. When answering the Prince’s questions, the other players must either lie or tell the truth based on the cards they hold. The player who the Prince chooses to be the Princess (whether rightly or wrongly) wins the round and receives the number of points specified on their role card. The player who first accumulates 7 points wins.

Princess Legend

Number of Players
Minimum Age
Game Length (Minutes)
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