For all the fans of a little mystery, we have a great collection for you. In each box is a specially selected collection of games to keep the recipient entertained for hours.  RRP separately £30.98, our price £22.50


Our box includes:

  • Sherlock Express card game—game of mystery and deduction, be the first to identify all the clues and help Sherlock uncover the perpetrators. Who could be Moriarty’s accomplice.? Everyone is a suspect... until proven otherwise!


  • Dr Who Story Cubes—Which alien is unleashing chaos on Earth? What new puzzle confronts the Doctor and their companions? Where must the TARDIS go next? Roll the nine cubes and tell your very own Doctor Who stories using the icons on each cube inspired by the BBC’s greatest Sci-Fi adventure. With millions of storytelling combinations, this officially licensed, award-winning and fun game is perfect for solo play or playing together with friends and family.


  • Puzzle Geomag Spinner– assemble the spinner and gaze at the magic effects as it spins around and around. (3 years +)


  • Safari Hatch Hero Egg—Which animal will emerge from the egg? How does it work? Submerge the egg in water and 12– 24 hours later a surprise animal emerges. A treat for all ages!


  • A Terry's Chocolate Orange—Fuel for the inquisitive mind and a question to ponder– how do they make the segments taste so delicious?


  • A free chocolate lolly. Why? Who doesn’t love a free Christmas themed lolly?



*Hamper not included, for display purposes only.



Dr Who Story Cubes Mystery Gift Easter Box