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Here at Quantum Games we pride ourselves on offering the best selling games at a price you can afford.  We understand that choosing the right game can be tricky as there are literally hundreds to choose from!  That's why we offer a matching service, you tell us what you want from your game and we will direct you to the perfect game for you.  This service is great for choosing a gift for someone through to picking the next hit for your gaming group or just that perfect game for family time. 

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Journeys in Middle Earth

A fresh take on the Mansions of Madness, Descent, Imperial Assault formula or are Fantasy Flight just churning out the same game with a different face?


I’m happy to say that Fantasy Flight have another hit on their hands!  Whilst Journeys in Middle Earth can at first appear to be Mansions of Madness by another name it is a much more cinematic experience and actually gives you very different experiences each time you play as well as being a campaign rather than one off stories.  Journeys in Middle Earth cherry picks the very best elements of previous Fantasy Flight titles and delivers a sleek gaming experience whereby your group faces challenges/monsters in the usual way but each person’s role within the group can change game to game.  Another nice feature is that you can upgrade your equipment as you progress rather than just buying something new.  Some games are played on an area map and some are encounters in a dungeon style area.  There are also puzzles to solve and non-player characters to interact with as you go, so whilst combat plays a significant role in the game (much more than Mansions), it is not the be all and end all of the missions. 

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