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Avenger's Assemble...

My latest acquisition is Avengers: Thanos Rising. I have enjoyed the Marvel journey on the whole but this was never really on my radar, it looked like a speedy cash in with a Thanos shaped lump of plastic so I held off. I have recently bought a demo copy for my games nights as there are plenty of Avengers fans out there. Having both taught and played the game I have to say it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and a real challenge to beat! Thanos Rising is a fully co-operative game for two to four players in which you try to recruit a myriad of Marvel characters to your team and beat Thanos cronies before he retrieves the infinity stones or defeats too many of your heroes. On the face of it it is a relatively simple game but you really need to work together to win as Thanos becomes more powerful over time. The box states that it is a forty five minute game but I have found that it takes longer than this, particularly with four players. On the whole this is a fantastic co-operative game with quality components that will challenge even the best group, this is well worth your time.

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