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Tiny Epic Zombies

This was my introduction to the Tiny Epic universe and what a start it was! Having always been a fan of horror films and all things zombiefied this looked like my kind of game from the outset. My surprise came when I began to read the rules and I realised just how versatile the game was. You can play solo, co-operatively, competitively or one player as the zombies vs the other players. The second surprise was just how much content you got in the box. As with all 'Tiny Epic' games the box is small and perfect for gaming on the move or camping. The box is packed full with beautifully illustrated tiles and cards and lovingly created Meeples which you can arm as you find weapons. There is even a motorbike and police car to aid you on your zombie smashing adventures! The mall (an essential in all zombie movies and games!) is created from 9 double sided tiles which can be used in different combinations every time you play to give each experience a different feel. Also the objectives vary from game to game and each player character has their own abilities to add to the mix. Overrun by the zombies and eaten, am I out? Nope, now you are one of the undead! A great little game that is worth a place on any gamer's shelf.

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