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Call to Adventure

The latest addition to my collection is the amazing Call to Adventure. As someone who has always loved role playing games and storytelling this has always been a no brainer for me. The essence of Call to Adventure is relatively simple, you must create a character and ultimately your story and score points for doing so. Each character begins with a secret ‘destiny’ card which is kept hidden from other players and grants a bonus if the conditions are met at the end of the game. Over three ‘acts’ you collect elements of your own character’s story by taking on challenges and deciding if you want to take the good or evil path. The beauty of the game lies in the artwork and in its use of runes rather than dice. My only regret is that once you reach the end of Act 3 there is nothing to do but score your character. I would actually like to take my character on further adventures and find out what happens next. If anything I would say that this game is great to play for those beginning a D&D campaign who want to design their own character but are unsure of the background. However, I am looking forward to both the Name of the Wind and Stormbright expansions later this year.

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