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Karuba - Exploring the depths of the jungle like your favorite fedora clad archaeologist.

Karuba has long been on my 'to play list' and I was not disappointed. Karuba puts you and up to three other players in charge of an expedition through the jungle to find the treasure in the lost temples. On the face of it this sounds like a fairly simple and well trodden idea but here's where Karuba differs. Each player has a copy of the jungle on a board in front of them and the location of the temples is the same on every board. Each player also has 36 path tiles around the edge of their board. The nominated expedition leader has the their tiles shuffled and stacked face down in front of them. They then flip a tile and call out the number, each player must find the numbered tile but can then decide where it is best placed for the shortest route to the treasure. Player can decide to discard a tile to move one of their explorers on the path through the jungle. You can move a number of squares equal to the number of exits on you path tile. A great 30-40 min games for 2-4 players aged 8 and up.

For those with younger players in mind there is a fully co-operative version (Karuba Junior) which is aimed at players aged 4 and up!

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