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Pandemic Legacy Season 2

So I was late to the whole 'Pandemic' scene having never played any variant of the game. Some of my friends had played season one of Pandemic Legacy with another gaming group and had absolutely loved it. So at Christmas I decided to get season 2 for our group. I was a bit apprehensive at introducing myself to the series with season 2 as I love games with a story and I didn't want to have missed anything. My concerns turned out to be totally unfounded and after the first mission I am a Pandemic addict! The game is straight forward to learn but adapts to your group's choices to create a truly original experience. My first time tearing a card (sacrilege!) was one of the most challenging gaming moments I have ever experienced but once I got over it I was shredding and editing cards left, right and centre. The map starts out small but is quickly revealed as you recon it and add stickers to the board. You can then link up cities and help get the world back on its feet. Beware though, the game will pull no punches if it feels you are doing too well and will soon have you scrabbling for supplies whilst battling the plague. I have to say playing Pandemic Legacy has been a great introduction to the concept of a true legacy game for me and I can't wait to try others.

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