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Saddle up!

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

colt express

Colt Express is a family board game for 2-6 players. Everyone chooses a bandit and it's time to board the train. Players must make their way through the carriages collecting jewels, purses or lock boxes. Each token has a dollar value printed on the back and the player with the most money by the time the train reaches the station wins. Easy right? To make the robbery more of a challenge there is a marshal on board (controlled by the game mechanics) and he is intent on bringing you to justice.

Players move through the train by playing one of their cards which is printed with an image of their action, the trick here is that nobody moves until the round's 'story' is complete so each player will be playing 4-5 cards before any actions happen. Starting with the first player, they place their card face up and play continues round the table so you must memorise what each person does and remember where they will be before choosing your second action etc. At the end of the story round one person plays the storyteller and reads out what happens (put on your best old West accent here!) then a new story round begins and another player is the story teller.

We love Colt Express, it is a fantastic 30-40 minute game that works well no matter how many players you have, although obviously the more players, the more chaotic the train becomes.

Colt Express is a simple game to learn but you need your wits about you to be the greatest bandit in the West. So grab your trusty six shooter and saddle up, the train is about to leave the station.

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