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Sentinels of the Multiverse

I'm no stranger to deck building games so I didn't expect any big surprises with Sentinels of the Multiverse, particularly one that has been around for a while. I initially thought this was just Legendary without the license, how wrong I was!

The game pits a range of heroes against a chosen villain (so far so similar) however that is where the similarities end. Instead of players refining their deck with various heroes, here you play one hero with a range of abilities. The game also changes the environment with each play so even if you face the same villain again there is plenty of scope for variety. Each hero is also given a difficulty rating in terms of play so if you want to mix it up you can swap the heroes out too. My group and I have played several games so far and the level of challenge seems to be pitched just right. I must admit that after playing I was also drawn to the comic series which supports the game as I wanted to know more about the heroes. The great news is there are also plenty of expansions to get your teeth into. An entertaining game with a decent amount of challenge!

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