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Here comes the Sheriff!

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Sheriff of Nottingham was introduced to me by a fellow board game aficionado and it has transformed my perceptions of friends and family alike! The idea is simple enough, you take on the role of a market trader taking your goods to market but the big, bad sheriff is in town and he's making sure no one is smuggling contraband through. Players choose 5 goods from a hand of cards before stowing them safely in their bags. The Sheriff (one of the players) asks each player in turn what they have in their bags. The player can choose to tell the truth or lie. If the Sheriff believes you he will let you go otherwise an inspection is due! If you were telling the truth and your bag is checked then the Sheriff must pay you for wasting your time. If however you were lying then you must pay a fine and lose your goods. Play continues round the room with the next person taking on the role of the Sheriff. So go ahead, play a game, just be prepared to learn you can't trust anyone!

sheriff of Nottingham

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