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Stuffed Fables

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

This next game was a gift for my daughter (7) as she has always loved her stuffed toys and is getting to the age where she wanted a 'big girl' game and this doesn't disappoint. Stuffed Fables is a game about a group of stuffed toys who are protecting their human from the nightmare world once she leaves the magical safety of her crib. The game plays as a straightforward, simplified role playing game but with some amazing extras that make this the perfect choice for family time.

The 'board' for the game is actually a large story book which means each time you play you play a different page of the story. There are also points where you get to choose what you want the group to do and so the story branches and you explore the direction you want to go.The best part for me is that the game is fully co-operative so its players vs game and it has a wonderful story that stems from the milestones in a child's life so everyone can relate to it. The game is for 2-4 players and there are natural stopping points in each story which means the game doesn't have to take all night.

Stuffed Fables has been a fantastic choice for my daughter and we look forward to more magical tales as our journey continues.

stuffed fables

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