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The Bosses are back!

So we discovered Boss Monster very recently. As an avid gamer in the 1980s I was immediately intrigued by what my twelve year old calls 'pixel graphics'. I hastily correct him with 'classic' graphics to which I am met with eye rolling and a look that tells me I am not as cool as I think I am. Retro gaming has become a big thing lately and with that in mind Botherwise games brought us Boss Monster. Rise of the Mini Bosses is the latest expansion for the Boss Monster series and to my delight also acts as a standalone game. Mechanically it stays true to the original game but with the added spice of mini bosses which can be placed in your dungeon to make it even tougher for those pesky heroes after your treasure.

The game appeals to me as you play as the Boss Monster creating a dungeon of terrors and the heroes (controlled by the game) must fight their way through to attempt to beat your dungeon and claim the treasure. A nice twist on the usual fantasy theme. So turn the lights down low and practice you best super villain laughter as you prepare to play to be the best Boss Monster.

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