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The Mansion's are back and they're scarier than ever!

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

As a big fan of first edition Mansion's of Madness I was reluctant to spend more money on a second edition. How different can it be I thought, they're ever reusing the same miniatures in some cases. How wrong I was! Second edition comes with a plethora of new tiles, characters and monsters but the crown jewel of this game is the app. For the first time you are able to play cooperatively with your friends and brave the terrors of the mansions together. The app reveals the map one room at a time and re-configures it each time you play so multiple playthroughs are in. This is a good thing as the base game only comes with four scenarios compared to the original's five. Fantasy Flight are releasing additional maps all the time and a range of expansions are already out with another one, Horrific Journeys, due this month. If you have a copy of the original you can tell the app and it will include all tiles, monsters and investigators in the mix giving you even more variety! Unfortunately the scenarios are not available but two have been re-made and will boost you count to six. The best thing about Second Edition for me is that it is really easy to setup and everyone is working together to beat the game. I have played it countless times to date and introduced it to new players who have picked up the rules with ease. If you loved the original then this is a must!

mansions of madness second edition

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